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Welcome to locksmith keys, we stock a huge range of keys suitable for locksmiths, caretakers, locksport and maintainance people, we have a wide range of bump keys, master keys as well as key blanks, we also have locksmith tools and locksmith equipment and locksmith clothing, which is made to order, we have standard designs but we can also print your logo to personalise products for your business, clubs or groups, from one to a hundrad with no set up fees.

we have a minimum spend of ten pounds, if ten pounds is not reached your order will not be processed, the reason we do this is to help cover the costs of the shipping, which means we do not need to add a shipping cost to the final bill, but should you require just one key, you can contact us and pay the shipping for that item if you wish to do so, all prices are inclusive, so at the checkout you will not get an extra fee for shipping or vat, the price you see in your basket is the final price you will pay.

We only ship within the uk, orders placed from outside the uk will not be shipped.

We have a huge range of keys, especially bump keys, many of which are exclusive to us as we made the keys ourselves, which probly means we have the best selection in the uk, we make them and test them and only then when we are happy with the results do the products get added to our website, we can also make keys you may require assuming we have a lock here to ensure a bump key works perfectly for you, most of our products are shipped first class recorded with a fast turn around time on all orders, usually orders placed and paid for before 2pm are shipped on the same day, orders after this time are shipped the following morning.

We are very proud of our mortice lock identification app for android devices, its the fastest and simplest way to identify a mortice lock and be presented with the drill and pick points or kill points aswell as images of the locks themselves, Gary Angliss author of the definative guide to mortice locks and many other mortice identification manuals, provided the information that built this app, since then more images, locks and information have been added to the app to make it a complete tool for opening mortice locks and cross referance, its perfect for established locksmiths, new locksmiths and locksmith training schools.

We will also be adding door locks in the near future so you can get them to practice with or install.

currently pay pal is the only payment option, but that may well change at a later date.

our opening times are 9.30 am until 5pm monday to friday, should you have any questions you can of course contact us via phone or email.

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